SERVICES Rather than continually adjusting to change, why not adapt to change?

Consensus Government

There is far more communication between Regular Members and Cabinet than there is under the party system. 

Local municipalities Budget

tate grant totals would grow in New London, Groton, and Norwich, owing primarily to increased education grants.

The Housing Paradox

Housing models that are driven by the community

CORE VALUE We are committed to working together for a better future.

A Land Acknowledgement is a formal statement that acknowledges and honours Indigenous Peoples as traditional custodians of this land, as well as the long-standing link between Indigenous Peoples and their ancestral lands.


The decisions we make now will have an influence on future generations. To enable economic success and employment creation, we must harness innovation. The economic benefits of supporting arts and culture while also conserving the environment must be recognised.


The health and safety of all Calgarians should be the yardstick by which success is evaluated. Let's make Calgary a place where we all belong.

Our Community

Strengthening community means supporting local businesses, and supporting the hard work that Calgarians are already doing to make this city great. The pandemic has taught us that we need people and we need to protect and enhance our greenspaces.